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    Assistant Laboratory of Informatic Engineering at Muhammadiyah University of Malang.

    PT. Cendana Teknika Utama


    Senior Web Developer / PHP Programmer



    Web Developer / PHP Programmer

Who Am I

I'm Mochamad Fathoni, I'm Web Developer from Indonesia.

I have many experiences about web development. I can build web application, customize it, and maintenance. I was created more web applications, and you can see at my projects apps.

My Best Skills

This is my skill of web programming.





CodeIgniter PHP Framework


Laravel PHP Framework


YII PHP Framework








Angular JS


Meet Me

This is it.

Mochamad Fathoni

Web Developer

See My Projects

The best way to showcase your work, i mean it.

Web for tour and travel information, incude haji and umrah



Indonesia Water Forum web information, this web for discuss about water.


PT. Cendana Teknika Utama

Sistem Informasi Manajemen Objek Pajak


PT. Cendana Teknika Utama

FOO and Station Management System

Library Garuda Airline

PT. Cendana Teknika Utama

Automatitation library build on CodeIgniter

PMS Cargo Garuda

PT. Cendana Teknika Utama

PMS Cargo

E-Recruitment PT GARUDA

PT. Cendana Teknika Utama

E-Recruitment is a software application for employees recruitment in PT Garuda Indonesia. It can use for automatization employee recruitment. and it very usefull

Career Aplication

PT. Cendana Teknika Utama

Career is a application for employee recruitment on PT Garuda Airline tbk.


PT. Cendana Teknika Utama

This application for financial monitoring each employees in PT Garuda Airline tbk.

Document Controlling System

PT. Cendana Teknika Utama

This apps for controlling document life cycle in PT Garuda Airline tbk.

BPHTB Jayapura

PT. Cendana Teknika Utama

BPHTB is an application for taxation information system, this application was used at DISPENDA Jayapura Indonesia

MINI ERP PT Cendana Teknika Utama

PT. Cendana Teknika Utama

ERP Mini is a part of ERP system to control transactions in company. And this application was used at PT Cendana Teknika Utama.

Sistem Informasi Internal Rumah Sakit Universitas Sumatera Utara.

YFN malang adalah forum pergerakan politik yang dibentuk oleh Mahasiswa FISIP se-Malang Raya.

International Research Journal of Entrepreneurial Marketing Studies uploads many research from any researchers around the world

CRM ( Customer Relationship Management )

PT. Cendana Teknika Utama

CRM is an application for manage marketing cycle to know how effective they are in recruit lead that will be a real customer on business need.

WhatApp Dakwah

PT. Cendana Teknika Utama

This application is for dakwah such as spreading Islamic article to some peoples who registered on this Application. We send Islamic articles via WhatsApp Application.

This application for managing standard operational procedure (SOP) in the government. It can generate SOP and very easily to use and operate it. So if government staff want to make a SOP it just simply.

Kaki Sandi


This is website profile and also travelling reportation. This web build from wordpress. Look like a nice website i think, but you can ask me more. so why you should wait?  call me now about your idea, i will realize it. :)


PT. Cendana Teknika Utama

This application is for manage training and education activity from a government. This application can manage all of your report data need. So this application is so usefull for your instantion.



E-Kwitansi is an application for manage all of invoice in your instantion. We can get invoices data realtime and it can be usefull to collect all of your invoices data.

Contact Me

If you want to know more about me you can send a message or call me on my phone number!

Learn more and more, until die!

“We’ve got to make the small things unforgettable” ― Steve Jobs

Contact Information

Address: Tumapel St. 95, Singosari, Malang, East Java
Telephone: +6285233210047
Email: tunathoni@gmail.com

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